(European and Development Programs Division)


Technical assistance may support actions of every national programme for the preparation, management, monitoring, evaluation, information and communication of programmes, and for networking, control and audit, and other inspections, as well as measures for the reinforcement of the administrative capacity. These measures may include:

a) expenditure relating to the preparation, selection, appraisal, management and monitoring of the programme, actions or projects

b) expenditure relating to audits and on-the-spot controls of actions or projects

c) expenditure relating to evaluations of the programmme, actions or projects

d) expenditure relating to information, dissemination and transparency in relation to the programme, actions or projects, including expenditure on campaigns to inform and raise awareness about the programme’s purpose, organised, inter alia, at a local level

e) expenditure on the acquisition, installation and maintenance of computerised systems for the management, monitoring and evaluation of this Regulation and the Specific Regulations

f) expenditure on meetings of monitoring committees and sub-committees relating to the implementation of actions; including the costs of experts and other participants in those committees and including third-country participants, where their presence is essential to the effective implementation of programmes, actions or projects

g) expenditure on the reinforcement of the administrative capacity for the implementation of Funds.

The technical assistance may be used in order to support actions for the reduction of the administrative burden for the beneficiaries of data electronic exchange systems and actions for the reinforcement of the capacity of the authorities of Member States and beneficiaries in order to manage and make use of the expected support provided under specific regulations. Actions may also concern past and future financial frameworks. When one or more competent authorities are involved in more than one national programmes, the technical assistance expenditure in each one of the relevant programmes may be merged, either partially or fully.