(European and Development Programs Division)


"Common Procedures Return & Reintegration» (ERRIN), workshop.

Tnot Wednesday, the 19th, and Thursday, June 20, 2019 was organized in Brussels by Caritas International, as a service provider under the Special Action titled "Common Procedures Return & Reintegration» (ERRIN), workshop on improving reintegration measures implemented by Member - States, through the development and implementation of innovative actions / projects and other supporting activities in the implementation process.
This meeting was held with the aim of effective implementation of the Advisory refunds, which will lead to a qualitative and quantitative improvement of the implementation of rehabilitation measures.
The meeting was attended refunds counselors who receive and advise beneficiaries of the reintegration assistance in kind to their country of origin, representatives of Member States participating in the Special Action, and representatives of Caritas International and became development issues such as:
The way of preparation and planning of reintegration of returnees in their country (link before departure - help after arrival).
The design of the Advisory refunds interview before departure
The impact assessment of return counseling activities by the EU and Service Providers
Planning for the implementation of the Special Action by the participating States - Members

also attended by members of the Department of Planning and Evaluation of the European Asylum Fund, Immigration and Integration Affairs - Department Returns Management Agency and the European Development Programs as directly involved in the implementation of the Special Action.
Since its participation in the above seminar is expected to increase the Agency's administrative capacity for the effective implementation of these specific actions, as well as the effective implementation of Actions within the National Target "Repatriation Measures".