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Preparedness & Response for CBRNE INCidEnts

The project PRINCE aims to support first aid responders and law enforcement authorities by providing them with an evidence base for strategic level decisions related to Prevention, Detection, Respiratory Protection, Decontamination and Response to CBRNE events.
PRINCE consortium :

Produce a roadmap and recommendations by creating a PRINCE catalogue of training curricula based on best practices and international proven CBRNE exercises and produce CBRNE SOPs and plans for two incidents (Chemical and Radiological) in two major exercises (GR, PT) and includes sharing information on CBRN threat and risks, exchange best practices and joint trainings and exercises.

Enhance protection of public spaces, community and infrastructure by sharing project outcomes with wider audience through online information material, presentations to public events and media and increases the sustainability by exchanging best practices and knowledge on joint exercises and training courses between stakeholders.

Budget: 2.875.646,40 € (90% EU contribution - 10% national contribution - VAT not included)

Duration: 36-month (end 01/01/2022)