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Hellenic anti-Fraud Equipment and relevant trainings for Strengthening the Operability against Smuggling

Treece, due to its geographical position and terrain with extensive land and sea borders, linking the Eastern Mediterranean with Central Europe is a hub for smuggling illicit goods (tobacco, counterfeited products, money laundering, trafficking of drugs, weapons and alcoholic beverages) as well as human trafficking.

Illegal trafficking costs the EU and Greece millions of euros each year, through the loss of tax revenue, a loss which is burdensome for European taxpayers, while at the same time deprives jobs from the legal supply chain.

Hellenic Police and Hellenic Coast Guard as Law Enforcement Authorities to address this problem in cooperation with national and international prosecution authorities must be equipped with specialized and technically advanced equipment, with parallel training of their staff, aiming at dismantling organized networks and combating trafficking of illicit goods.

In particular, the project concerns:

A. Supply of portable X-Ray devices and operator training for the inspection of containers, shipments and vehicles at the entrance/exit gates of the Country.

B. Supply of multicopter Unmanned Air Vehicles (drones), with dual cameras for day and night (EO / IR), and operator training, for the detection and tracking of targets (traffickers) on road and sea networks as well as in rural inaccessible areas.

C. Supply of police dogs to detect illegal tobacco products and banknotes including their training and the training of their handlers.

D. Pilot implementation by conducting joint (real) exercise between the Divisions involved and dissemination activities (workshop).

Budget: 577.200,00 € (80% EU contribution - 20% national contribution - VAT not included)

Duration: 18 months (end 30/06/2020)