(European and Development Programs Division)



EXtending and Empowering the Capacity of Digital Evidence Examination through the ProcUremenT of Specialized Hardware and ForensIc Software and ReleVant Trainings of PolicE personnel

This action concerns the procurement of special equipment and software to enhance the capability of screening confiscated digital evidences related to financial crimes. In this action the main beneficiary is the Division of Criminal Investigations / Hellenic Police Headquarters. Due to its nature, this Division is responsible for carrying out all necessary laboratory examinations in criminal activities and in particular for this action, the examination of confiscated digital evidences related to financial crimes, given that Greece is used as an important smuggler route to the countries of northern Europe.

Budget: 341.137,00 € (80% EU contribution - 20% national contribution - VAT not included)

Duration: 18 months (end 30/06/2020)