(Internal Security Fund - Police)


The National Programme of Greece for support from the Internal Security Fund for the programming period from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2020 has been approved by Decision no C (2015) 5312 final of the European Commission, dating from 31-07-2015, as amended by Decision no C (2015) 6060 final on 26-08-2015. The overall budget for the actions to be funded from the European Internal Security Fund – Police amounts to €26,974,900. The European contribution is 75% and the National contribution is 25%.

The European Internal Security Fund – Police includes the funding of actions aiming at achieving the following Specific Objectives:

Specific Objective 5 – Prevention and Combating Crime:

This objective introduces special and targeted policy measures related to crime, the improvement and strengthening of the cooperation among National and European competent authorities through the exchange of information and knowledge, as well as the timely and precise recording of the actions of criminal groups by using analytical tools and by further understanding the structure and activity of criminal organizations. This objective also introduces combating financial crimes through the establishment of an integrated system, aiming at collecting and processing financial data from different organizations.

Specific Objective 6 – Risks and Crises:

This objective aims at maintaining a high level of security in Greece and the European Union, as well as effectively preventing and suppressing radicalization against terrorism and extremism, dangers that could be addressed only through the coordination and cooperation amongst both national and European law enforcement authorities.
In addition, it provides high-level protection tools for the information collected on behalf of the Hellenic Police in order to minimize a possible leakage. Greece also aims at creating a multi-purpose CBRNE training center for all organizations involved in addressing CBRNE incidents, so that they can adapt to different types of threats and environments through relevant training.

The Specific and National Objectives to be achieved within the framework of the European Internal Security Fund – Police are presented in the following table: