(Internal Security Fund - Borders and Visa)


The European Internal Security Fund - Borders and Visa was established within the framework of the new programming period 2014-2020.
The objective of the Fund is to ensure a high level of security and prevention of crime, while at the same time it facilitates legitimate travel and also ensures the efficient management of the EU external borders. The general objective of the Internal Security Fund is to ensure a high level of security in the EU through financial support in the field of external borders management and common visa policy.

The political discussion between the Greek institutions and the European Commission was carried out with the assistance of the European and Development Programs Division (EDPD) in September 2013, resulting in the development of strategies and the adoption of main points of interest for both parties.
The National Programme of Greece for support from the European Internal Security Fund for the programming period 2014-2020 was approved with the no. C(2015) 5312/31-07-2015 Decision of the European Commission. The total budget of the actions to be funded by the European Internal Security Fund- Borders and Visa amounts to €204,449,184, including Specific Actions (FRONTEX Equipment). The European participation rate for this Sector is 75%, while the European participation rate for Specific Actions (FRONTEX Equipment) is 90%.

The European Internal Security Fund- Borders and Visa includes funding actions that aim at achieving the following Specific Objectives:

Specific Objective 1 - Support for a common visa policy:

The effective processing of Schengen visas is supported by the adoption of a common visa policy aiming at facilitating legitimate travel to the EU, providing high quality services to visa applicants and ensuring equal treatment of third-country nationals, as well as tackling irregular migration.

Specific Objective 2 - Borders:

The objective is a uniform and high-level control of the external borders by supporting integrated borders management, harmonizing border management measures within the EU and sharing information among EU Member States, as well as between EU Member States and the Frontex Agency, to improve the level of border control and ensure smooth crossing of the external borders.

Specific Objective 3 – Operational reinforcement for entry visas and borders:

It promotes the formulation and implementation of policies ensuring the absence of any control of persons, irrespective of their nationality, when crossing internal borders, by carrying out checks on persons and effective monitoring of the crossing of external borders. It also ensures the formulation and implementation of the common visa policy and other short-stay permits, including consular cooperation, as well as setting up and running secure systems of information technology, their communication infrastructure and equipment to support the management of migration flows, including surveillance, at the external borders of the EU.