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BeSecure – FeelSecure (BSFS)

The action entitled: "A Holistic Urban Security Governance Framework for Monitoring, Assessing and Forecasting the Efficiency, Sustainability and Resilience of Piraeus"And acronym:"BeSecure-FeelSecure»Aims to enhance the security of the urban environment by providing strategies and tools calling on those involved in urban security to promote their cooperation at the physical and online level.

The consortium of this action consists of the following organizations:

  • Municipality of Piraeus
  • Singular Logic (Greece)
  • Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences
  • European Forum for Urban Security (France)
  • SPACE Hellas
  • Ministry of Citizen Protection (Y.D.E.A.P. & EL.AS.)

In the context of this action and in accordance with existing national legislation The Local Council for the Prevention of Crime will play a central role με τη συμμετοχή Φορέων όπως ο Δήμος Πειραιά, η Ελληνική Αστυνομία κ.α. με βασικό κοινό στόχο τη λήψη αποφάσεων για ενέργειες και παρεμβάσεις σε τοπικό επίπεδο. Υπό την εποπτεία του Τοπικού Συμβουλίου, προβλέπεται η χωρική παρέμβαση ακολουθώντας το μοντέλο CPTED “Crime Prevention through Environmental Design” (Πρόληψη της Εγκληματικότητας μέσω του Περιβαλλοντικού Σχεδιασμού) σε συνδυασμό με στρατηγικές κοινωνικής ενεργοποίησης για την ενίσχυση της συνοχής της κοινότητας.

Additionally, plans to create a digital platform, which will allow the assessment of threats and the visualization of risks through mapping, which will help in decision making. It is pointed out that the play BSFS will be implemented and evaluated in the city of Piraeus, one of the most populous cities in our country with high crime rates, in order to create a series of guidelines which will then be adopted by other cities.

The action is funded by the Program “4th URBAN INNOVATIVE ACTIONS”Of the Thematic Unit“ Urban Security ” European Regional Development Fund (European Regional Development Fund).

Budget: € 4,966,425.00 (80% EU contribution - 20% government contribution - VAT not included)

Duration: 36 months (expiration 31-08-2022)

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