(Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund)


Welcome to the website of the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

The European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund was established within the framework of the new programming period 2014-2020.
The Fund was established in order to contribute to the development of the EU common policy regarding issues of asylum and migration and the enhancement of freedom, security and justice, based on the implementation of solidarity and responsibility sharing principles amongst Member States and third countries cooperation.

The Fund shall express solidarity through financial aid to Member States. It shall also support the effective management of migration flows to the European Union in actions where the European Union has the maximum added value, especially through responsibility sharing amongst Member States and through responsibility sharing and reinforcement of cooperation with third countries.

According to the 82/2011 P.D. and the no. 8000/20/45/119− J.M.D., the EDPD is responsible for the implementation of the specific objective of Return as a Delegated Authority.

The above implementation has been undertaken by the Units: a) Programming and Evaluation and b) Implementation, Reporting, Verification and Certification of the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the EDPD.

Amongst the main responsibilities of the Programming and Evaluation Unit are the following:

-Publishing Calls for Proposals, their evaluation and selection of the final beneficiaries.

-Drafting a terms acceptance agreement, in accordance with Articles 9 and 10 of the delegated regulation 1042/2014 of the European Commission and establishing an Integration
Decision of the action.

-Submitting proposals for the EDPD participation in specific EU actions, emergency measures of special Regulations of Funds and in co-funded or national research projects.

-Organizing and monitoring the national programmes evaluation and ensuring relevant evaluation reports submission within the estimated

Amongst the main responsibilities of the Implementation, Reporting, Verification and Certification Unit are the following:

-Ensuring the implementation and monitoring of the national programme actions progress, of the specific EU actions and emergency measures of Funds and all the additional sections of Funds on actions, research or not, co-funded or national.

-Monitoring the deliverance of co-funded projects, products and services and their review on whether the stated expenses of those projects have, indeed, been made and comply with the EU and national rules.

-Conducting constant administrative and supplementary controls with on-the spot controls, if required, based on the article 27 of the Horizontal Regulation and unannounced on-the-spot controls of the expenditure related to the final payment requests from the beneficiaries that are declared in the annual accounts with a view to obtaining a sufficient level of assurance.

-Supporting the final beneficiaries, regarding the implementation of approved actions.